At VELOSOCK we encourage people to do more of what makes them happy by creating unique, colorful pieces for cycling, bike storage and travel. Our concept is creativity, inspiring design and innovations in line with high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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Boost your profit by selling the award-winning covers

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Indoor Bike Covers

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Full Bike Covers

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Luggage Covers

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Custom design

What are the requirements to become a VELOSOCK retailer?

You must have a business license and a retail storefront (online or real) to apply. Your application will then be reviewed by our marketplace manager.

What is the pricing and minimum order?

The minimum order for retailers is 20 pcs. Pricing information is shared only with authorized VELOSOCK retailers. You will receive pricing information if your application is approved

When I will recieve your decision?

The review process will be quick! We will respond to your request within 2 business days. If you have any questions regarding your application, please direct them to

Where can I see the products in life?

Throughout the year, VELOSOCK attends a variety of bicycle and tourism shows around the world. That gives you great opportunities to preview our newest products, see the full product line-up and ask plenty of questions – anything you have on your mind.

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