Velosock has always been interested in combining art with bicycle covers, and for this particular reason we’re proud to announce the collaboration with Jake Ross - a highly talented and hardworking Artist, Illustrator & Designer, working in both mediums of Acrylic and Digital.

We’ve been overwhelmed with his designs on Instagram, so decided to reach out all the way to Bali to agree on him creating a couple of designs for us (well, and you too, of course).

Jake's style involves an isometric perspective on a contemporary emotion with a retro Californian touch.

He is particularly interested in likeminded brands and clients striving for a sustainable/ecofriendly pursuit. Jake Thrives with Illustration, advertisement, Package Design, Book publishing, and helping brands formulate visual personality to an idea. Jake is creative, fun and as he says ‘’a good dude to have a beer with’’!

 We decided to do a little interview with Jake to get to know him better and to give you a proper introduction with him! 


Please tell where are you from and what’s your story - how did you find yourself in art? 

 I am from the Peninsula in Australia, currently living in Bali, Indonesia. I started art when I was in the military. I broke my back, and had to spend some time in bed, I couldn’t do anything but draw, and then found drawing eased all the thoughts in my head. It became clear, I couldn’t talk about my emotions, but I could draw upon them, and then just kept pushing the boundaries of where my creative limits stand. It’s been a long, fun journey, but very very proud of everything I’ve achieved. 


The world knows you as an artist, but what would you call yourself? 

 I don’t really know what I would call myself, probably just an artist. A creative, a surfer, a good dude to have a beer with. 

From your portfolio and experience it seems like you’ve been around in the art for quite a while. How long have you been creating your artworks? 

 I have been a full time artist for 2 and a half years now, but I draw all on experiences, so I suppose I’ve been living my art for a long time now, it’s just these last two years I have formulated the skill of drawing to capture my thoughts


Wow, just two years of work and you’ve already been noticed by so many brands, done countless projects, and now your creativity has traveled 10859.94 kilometers (6743.44 miles) to Latvia, where Velosock is based! We’re sure you have inspired people all across the world, but what inspires you to create your art? 

 Everyday living really, I look at a TV and think how can this be more creative and my mind just wanders, it’s the possibility of a more creative life, a more out there life that drives me. Like what happens if this spaghetti turns into a bowl of snakes, and then I draw on that. I gather a lot of inspiration from the surf. Just life comes to me in abundance of inspiration, the daily ventures.


What is your opinion on why design is important?  

 For me personally, design plays a paramount role within the product. Even more than the product itself, a good design will formulate a higher return on the same products. The product is the product, while the design is the emotion, the psychological grab of “Choose me” “Comfort me”. Design in this world is very paramount. 

What would be your favorite art piece that you’ve created? 

 I would say the 21 ft skate ramp I painted for Angus stone was very special, it was my first major client, and the feeling of accomplishment that opened up a whole new world of pushing limits to me. That was when I started calling myself a full time artist, so to me, that was the most special piece I’ve created.

We’ve seen you’ve collaborated with many brands, have created artwork for villas, drinks, Vans shoes, musicians, even underwear, the range is so wide, which collaboration has been the most fun and challenging for yourself? 

 My most challenging and exciting collaboration to date would be with Vans, we created a 21 piece show in less than 3 months. We created a 5 minute edit and some merch to be sold through vans, it was insane, busy, and fun, painting so many hours of the day, and traveling around Indonesia to capture the video edit, that was an absolute dream come true, and on the night of the launch we had around 500 people come through the doors, so it was such a fun project. 


That’s really impressive! We really appreciate the designs you created for Velosock, they look just unbelievable, so we were wondering are you a cyclist yourself? If yes, what are you riding? If not, what sport do you prefer? 

 I used to ride when I was living in Australia down on the Great Ocean Rd, but not now since moving to Bali, I see a few people riding here, but the streets aren’t too safe to be riding. 

What’s your motto or just something that motivates you and could motivate other creative minds out there? 

 Ah I don’t really have a motto, I have tick tock tattooed on my arm so I don’t forget I’m running out of time with life, so just keep the head down and create today. I do tell myself with every piece I do, that I just have to think this is the most important job I have today, and to push my absolute creative limits with it.


That sounds inspiring and motivating indeed, thanks! Speaking of importance, what are the 3 most important things in your life you cannot live without?  

 My art, surf and family, including my girlfriend. I would 100% add chocolate there, but surf, family and art triumph that. 

Such an amazing story, values and experience of an true artist! 

Now the moment we’ve been waiting for, the big reveal of VELOSOCK X JAKE ROSS collection, leave your favorite design in the comments! 

Jake Ross - Ride of My Afterlife 

Jake Ross - United, We triumph 

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