The ultimate list of unique travel gifts

The ultimate list of unique travel gifts

If your partner, family member or a good friend often travel for work or leisure, you certainly need unique travel gifts to get them walking on air this Christmas.

Before picking the unique travel gifts for an avid globetrotter, think about something useful, personal and original enough to become indispensable on their travels. This modern pilgrim probably already owns a packable backpack, a sleeping bag, international adapters and many other standard travel accessories - so how to surprise them with something truly original?

Get inspired by our travelers' gifts’ list for this Holiday season! To make your choice easier, we have divided this guide into three sections - travel gifts for her, travel gifts for men, and gifts for travelers of all genders, ages, and occupations.

Let’s begin with the universal presents that most traveling fans would be thrilled to find under the Christmas tree.


VELOSOCK luggage cover

Travels are exciting and enriching - why not make them even more safe, smooth and nature-friendly?

VELOSOCK luggage cover is one of the most unique travel gifts for the frequent flyer or inter-city commuter. The stylish cover protects the suitcase from scratches, dirt, and sticky fingers.

Moreover, it will save money that many travelers spend on airport plastic wrapping services, as it can simply be machine washed after the trip. Choose from a variety of designs that range from €28 to €36 ($32 - $41), depending on the suitcase size.

Map poster of a special place

Did you meet your friend or partner somewhere abroad - a location that will always bring precious memories to both of you? If so, it’s hard to imagine a better gift than Grafomap custom map poster.

Just select that particular part of the world, design it to your liking, add a title and your fantastic gift is ready for printing and shipping! Depending on the size and frame, putting this memorable present under the Christmas tree will cost you from €49 to €168 ($57 - $195).

Power nap assistant

Naptime is a dream come true and one of those truly useful and unique travel gifts for people who travel. In fact, all of us could use a power nap assistant as research shows that napping improves our health and boosts our mood.

Naptime’s set consists of eyeshades with pinholes and ergonomic earphones that are plugged into your smartphone. The sensors monitor and analyze brain activity, and an intelligent music recommendation system adjusts the best audio for relaxing, combining the sleeper’s preference with objective nap data.

This innovative product is now guaranteed to ship from Indiegogo for €128 ($149) promising to solve many problems for those who suffer from jet lag or feel exhausted by long trips.

Scratch travel-journal

You may have already seen one of these world scratch maps, and chances are your traveler already has one. However, a scratch travel-journal may be something new and much better for marking smaller areas like cities or regions, not only countries.

The journal contains a set of scratch maps for every continent, a travel planner, a checklist, and a diary for recording experiences and emotions. This is definitely among the best travel gifts for keeping track of one’s globe-trotting progress and one of those world traveler gifts that will be appreciated and cherished for years to come.

Become your dear traveler’s favorite Santa and get one of the most unique travel gifts for €21.53 or $25.

Instant camera

Nowadays when your phone takes better pictures than many compact or even semi-professional cameras, the instant or “polaroid-type” camera has still kept its charm.

Available on Amazon for €55 ($64), Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera comes in many vivid colors that will make for a valuable and unique travel gift. Give it to your dearest globetrotter and get the first beautiful print pictures from your Christmas party!


Camera lens kit for smartphones

It’s no secret that nowadays most people prefer to take photos with their smartphone rather than carry around another camera. This 3 in 1 clip-on smartphone lens kit might be one of the useful travel gifts for men as it turns the mobile phone camera into fisheye, wide-angle, or macro.

The camera lens kit is a must-have phone accessory for any traveling photo-enthusiast! Available on Amazon starting from €10 ($11.60).

Multifunctional card-sized tool

Another great thing in our unique travel gifts list is this small but very handy gadget for the practical traveler. It includes 18 survival tools in one steel piece that will fit in the wallet just like any other card. This multifunctional tool includes a ruler, bottle opener, cell phone stand and even several screwdrivers.

This is probably one of the greatest gifts for a traveling man as well as the hiker, hunter, and fisherman. What’s more, it will go smoothly through any security check as it has no actual blades or sharp edges. That’s less than €10 ($11.60) for sending any guy over the moon!

Leather accessories

Matching sets of leather accessories for the suitcase and passport are elegant gifts for traveling businessmen or other frequent flyers who like to keep their valuables in order. Make it even more personal by printing his initials on it. This unique travel gift comes at €60 ($70) per set plus €17 - €25 ($20 - $30) for a personalized monogram. What a treasure to find under the Christmas tree!

Thematic card deck

This handsome deck of playing cards will be a worthwhile distraction while traveling alone or with friends and my favorite from this unique travel gifts list.

Every card has trivia or useful information printed on it. Choose the most suitable deck as a gift for your traveling man Gentlemen’s Card deckAll about Beer Card Deck, or Whiskey Wisdom Card Deck, each for around €13 or $15. And test your knowledge right at the Christmas party!


Travel coloring book

Any girl who loves traveling will be in seventh heaven with a gift like this! Ultimate Travelist Colouring Book features a bucket list by the famous travel guide publishers Lonely Planet with descriptions of each place at the back of the book. The world's 100 most thrilling places were voted by travel experts and enthusiasts, and include beautiful drawings of sights like the Great Barrier Reef, Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Great Wall of China, Colosseum and many more.

Coloring has been proven to help relax and reach mindfulness which is often missed in today’s hectic world. A stunning inspiration for future travels and possibly one of the useful travel gifts just for over €10 ($11.60)!

Travel pillow filled with lavender

Does your friend often travel long distances and could use a nice rest on her journeys?

There is nothing better than a travel pillow filled with lavender that will enwrap her in a soft, relaxing scent and help her unwind. This pillow can even be heated in a microwave to enjoy some heat therapy at home as well. Buy a travel neck pillow for €32 ($38) and the fragrant dreams that come with it.

Multifunctional top

No matter how nomadic your girlfriend might be, most women do not fancy wearing the same clothes over and over again. Do her a favor get her a Tuub - a smart piece of clothing that can be worn as a top, dress, skirt, scarf, etc. It always looks different and matches great with many other clothes!

This strapless tube top might just be one of the unique travel gifts for her, and it also has a beautiful gift package! With this multifunctional yet minimalistic top, your girl can pack light and always look trendy on the go - totally worth the €35 or $40.

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Packing cubes for the suitcase

If you are seeking gifts for a traveler woman who loves order and having a system for everything our unique travel gifts list has the thing that she needs. Few things are better than a beautiful suitcase organizer. Get this waterproof, space-saving and good-looking set for €43 or $50. Rest assured that your dear traveler wrote a letter to Santa requesting this luxurious organizer!


When someone important to you is driving home for Christmas, show them your love by giving a personal and useful present. Explorers are free-spirited people who rarely take many things with them on their journeys, so choose something practical if you want them to pack your gift as they set sail for their next adventure.

Alternatively, go for a present that will help to commemorate traveling experiences and inspire future adventures. Choose one of these unique travel gifts and be sure it will serve as a dear reminder of you during long transits that are the side-effect of many unforgettable trips. If you have other suggestions for useful travel gifts, leave them in the comments below.

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