The Best Christmas Gifts for 7 Types of Cyclist Friends

The Best Christmas Gifts for 7 Types of Cyclist Friends

If you have a friend who cycles, you're one lucky bugger – cyclists are up there among the best people in the world. So what can you do to make them happy? Give them something cool for their bike, of course. 

No matter if they keep their bicycle in their living quarters or store it in the garage for the next season, they will love the Velosock indoor bike cover. It's simply the best – not just because it protects floors and walls from the dirt a bike brings in after a ride, but also because it will make your friend go WOW! when they get it.

OK, so far it's all pretty clear. Velosock is on your wish list. But how do you choose the perfect design for your friend? Let us help you here – with some insider knowledge. Because we know that certain types of people love certain types of our designs.

#1 The friend who dreams that one day they will walk (OK, who are we kidding, ride!) on the Moon and adores sci-fi movies (definitely Star Wars).

Houston, we hear you!

A perfect fit for the friend who looks up at the sky and wonders about our place in the universe. We have that one colleague-slash-friend, too (Hi Gvido, I know you're reading this). Dreaming at night, and working in the daytime – and voila, we have designs for four universe-themed bike covers. You know what they say, no roof is as beautiful as the skies above.

The bestseller is Interstellar but feel free to choose whichever your particular friend will love the most. Looking at one of them is like looking at the stars at night – you'll almost forget there's a bike beneath (and not a very clean one at that).

May the Force be with you.

#2 The friend who loves long walks, enjoys birdsong in the park, gets away from the city every chance they get.

Nature paints the most wonderful pictures that take your breath away and engulf you in their majestic beauty. It is your friend who says that a bad day of hiking is always better than a good day at work (totally agree). Yes, nature is the best artist. So we have designs created by nature - the Peacock, the Rio and the Feathers. No human touch here. And look at these colors! 

Make your friend happy – bring a feeling of wilderness into their living quarters, and let their imagination do the rest.

#3 The friend who walks the streets with their head up, eyes reading the city buildings like a book.


Meet our brand new skyscraper designs, a match made in heaven for the friend who believes that less is more and minimalism is a lifestyle of perfect shapes and good living. They see beauty in storms and clouds. Details are not just details – they make the design. Your friend was there the day when one drawn line told more than a hundred spoken words.

#4 The friend who you sometimes, just sometimes, you might call them a hipster (only ironically, of course).

Tom means mustache, glasses and so much fun. Where Tom and your friend are, that's where everything happens and anything can happen. Trust me, they will be best friends! But keep in mind, just as all of us, Tom has two sides – a bright one and a dark one. Which side will he show you? That depends on how you treat him. Be nice, and you'll only see the bright one.

Perfect fit for your fancy friend indeed. But lets go further than this!

Design for a a rebel friend. Once seen as a sinister symbol of a counter-culture, skull prints have become a fashion trend, but just for the brave ones. You have to have a courage to choose the Skulls, right?

#5 The sports guy. His New Year has nothing to do with January 1.

For this friend New Year begins when the sports season starts. Cycling, basketball, football – any sport really. The best vacation is one spent in the crowd supporting their favorite team. Who needs that tan anyway, right?

Look at these heroes! Silverbird and Firebird. Two brothers. The fast and the furious. Born in the light of the fire and thunder in a dark summer night. The more you look at them, the more it feels like they're just going to spin all over the room by themselves.

Morover, Silverbird and Firebird will fit anyone who loves awesome things.

#6 The female friend who loves feminine things.

She makes the broken look beautiful and the strong look invincible. She walks with the universe on her shoulders and makes it look like a pair of wings.  Meet Miss Lilly. Opinionated. Bright. A real fashion lady. Talk of the town. Femme fatale. She has the heart of an artist and the soul of a queen!  

All other Velosock designs have elastic bands, only Lilly has real lace instead. It could not get more feminine if it wanted to.

#7 The friend who believes that things should just do their work. And that's it. Period.



Design, why the hell do you even need design? It's not a priority. All they need is a functional product. You’re amazed by how calm and rational they can stay in any situation. When your friend faces a choice between an intricate design or one color, there are no surprises – they will choose the latter. 

They will appreciate our single color designs – Orange, Black, Dark Gray. No surprises here too, in case you were wondering – Black and Dark Gray are the bestsellers from our single color series.

Have you already chosen the perfect fit for your friend?

Wait, there is one final step!

The gift-giving is not complete without the final step - the wrap. No worries, we have got you covered. Whichever product you will choose, it will come in a cool gift box.

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