How to put VELOSOCK on your bike, and other things you should know

How to put your Velosock on your bike

VELOSOCK - the award-winning bicycle cover for indoor bike storage and transportation - has been around since 2013 when the idea of a good-looking, easy-to-use and, most importantly, practical bike cover was born.

Since then, VELOSOCK bike covers have been used by amateur and pro cyclists in 65 countries all around the world. Because no matter where you live, cyclists everywhere have the same problem - how to safely and securely store and transport their precious companion?

There are two types of VELOSOCK covers:

  1. The indoor bike cover - covers your bike's tires, chain and pedals to keep your apartment clean and scratch-free during storage.
  2. The full bike cover - covers your bike entirely from tires to handlebars, and is made for indoor storage and short-distance transportation on a car rack thanks to its water-resistant material.

ic: Velosock on a car rack

Now, if you consider ordering a VELOSOCK bike cover, in this post you'll find answers to everything you should know about the product, including answers to questions like:

  • Is VELOSOCK waterproof?
  • How to use it?
  • Can I design my own VELOSOCK?
  • How to fit VELOSOCK on my bike?
  • And others!

Let's get started, shall we?

1: Is VELOSOCK waterproof?

The VELOSOCK indoor bike cover is not waterproof, and for a very good reason:

Waterproof covers make sense when you keep your bike outdoors and want to prevent it from getting wet. In the meantime, when you take your soaked bicycle indoors or put it in the trunk of your car, a cover that's made of a lightweight and breathable fabric is a better option - that allows the bike dry fast, which makes the mud fall off and stay in the cover.

velosock indoor bike cover

The VELOSOCK full bike cover is water resistant, which means it's able to resist the penetration of water, but isn't entirely waterproof.

Rather than protecting the bike from heavy rain, the full cover's main function is to protect your bike from sand, little stones, road salt, and dirt that sticks to the bike when you transport it on a car rack. Besides that, the breathable fabric allows the cover to dry fast in case you've caught the rain and creates less wind resistance during transportation.

We're now working on the VELOSOCK Full bike PRO version - a cover that'll be 100% waterproof and therefore suitable for e-bikes, their transportation, and outdoor storage.

2: When to use VELOSOCK?

The classic VELOSOCK indoor bike cover is designed to cover your bike's muddy parts - wheels, pedals, and the chain - to help you keep your floors and walls clean when you store your ride indoors. Besides that, the indoor cover is a great solution for transporting your bike in a car trunk to protect the interior from dirt and scratches.

The indoor bike cover is the perfect solution for long-term storage, as well as for everyday use, as it literally takes seconds to put it on and take it off.

The VELOSOCK full bike cover is specifically designed for bike transportation on car trunk racks, as well as for long-term storage indoors, in a garage or on a closed balcony.

In comparison to the indoor bike cover, the full bike cover envelopes the entire bike, from tires to handles, that way providing full protection of your bike during transportation and while in storage.

Besides using VELOSOCK for bike storage and transportation, you can use both types of covers when taking your bike into your hotel room (or other public places). If you and your bike are frequent travelers, you may have already noticed that most hotels don't allow taking the bike into the room, as it can leave stains and scratches. The good news is that hotel staff usually don't mind you taking your bike with you if it's covered and therefore harmless to the interior.

3: Will VELOSOCK fit my bike?

When it comes to indoor bike covers, the answer is yes - VELOSOCK fits 99% of adult bikes thanks to the durable, stretchy material it's made of.

Simply put, VELOSOCK indoor bike covers fit bikes with tire widths of 26 to 29 inches. So, no matter whether you own a road or fat bike - if your bike's tire width falls between the numbers mentioned, you can rest assured that VELOSOCK will fit!

VELOSOCK full bike covers, on the other hand, are designed to fit specific bike models:

  • RAY is specially tailored for cyclocross, track and touring bikes
  • SHARD is made for performance, hybrid, fat, and flat-bar bicycles
  • ENDURANCE is designed for triathlon bikes

velosock full bike cover

The main difference between the three is the covers' cut around handles - it's either made to fit drop (RAY), flat (SHARD), or aero (ENDURANCE) handlebars. Other than that, full bike covers fit all bikes with tire width up to 29 inches.

4: Can I use the VELOSOCK full bike cover to transport my bike on a car rooftop rack?

Due to aerodynamic reasons, we suggest using the full bike cover with car trunk racks only.


When transporting a fully covered bike on a rooftop rack, the crosswind may hit the bike stronger than usual, as the cover creates a larger area for wind resistance. Thus, even if your bike is securely fastened - and especially if it isn't - it's important that you always evaluate security and make sure you don't put yourself, your bike and other traffic participants in danger.

5: Can I use VELOSOCK with the front wheel removed?


When you remove a wheel, the cover might not fit that snugly, as it's specifically designed to fit around bike tires. But that being said, the cover will still perform its function - to keep the sand and dirt inside and off the floors or your car salon. And worry not - the bicycle fork won't rip the cover since it's made of a durable and stretchy fabric.

velosock in a car trunk

6: What bike racks is the VELOSOCK full bike cover compatible with?

The VELOSOCK full bike cover is compatible with the majority of car trunk racks thanks to the several thoughtfully placed openings on the sides and in the bottom. The openings give access to the bike's frame and tires so that you can secure it to the rack in different ways.

Here are the most popular types of car trunk racks that work well with VELOSOCK:

car racks compatible with velosock

7: Can I order VELOSOCK with a custom design?

Yes, you can!

We have already made custom covers for various sports teams, bicycle brands, corporations, and organizations. Personalized bike covers make great gifts, others put them up for sale in their shops or use them as extra ad space during sporting events.

If you're interested in your own custom cover, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

8: How to put VELOSOCK on my bike?

Here's how to put the VELOSOCK indoor bike cover on a bike:

  1. Place the front wheel of your bike inside the VELOSOCK.
  2. Place your foot inside the VELOSOCK. With the aid of your foot, pull the cover back, up and around the pedals and the back wheel.
  3. With your hands gently pull the VELOSOCK over the back wheel.

how to put velosock on a bike

Putting on the VELOSOCK full cover is as easy:

  1. Open the zipper that runs along the top of the cover and place the front wheel in the cover.
  2. Lift the cover up and place the handlebars in the corresponding pockets. Start to close the zipper.
  3. Place the rear wheel of your bike in the cover.
  4. Lift the cover up to the seat and close the zipper.

how to put on velosock full bike cover

Ready to order your VELOSOCK bike cover? You can do it right here.

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