Add a handwritten card to make this the best gift ever

Add a handwritten card to make this the best gift ever

Special day coming up? It’s now easier than ever to let loved ones know how much they mean to you when you buy a VELOSOCK® bike cover  or luggage cover as a gift.

Select “This purchase is a gift” during checkout, add an awesome and
one-of-a-kind greeting or text, and we will ship your purchase with a personalized greeting card attached!

Let them know how much you care!

Your message will be personally handwritten by one of our staff, and we promise to put so much time and effort into your card to make it extra special. In this era of technology, hand-written cards, sent with love, are extremely thoughtful and personal. They can never be compared to a text message, e-mail, or the few lines sent over your chat application.

Oh, these happy moments! 

So go ahead, choose your VELOSOCK® bike cover  or luggage cover for a gift, and have fun coming up with a special greeting or text. Remember, nothing puts a smile on someone's face faster than a gift that expresses love and thoughtfulness, and makes that person feel unique.

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