A German sets the record for the World's Heaviest Bicycle

A German sets the record for the World's Heaviest Bicycle

Bicycle manufacturers are constantly competing to make the lightest bicycle possible. Like Canyon, who have built the one of the lightest bicycles in the world for the Tour de France and weighs only 0,780 kg (1.72 pounds)! But this is not the case for Frank Dose from Germany who just broke the Guinness record for The Heaviest Bicycle In The World.

So how much, exactly, does the Heaviest Bicycle in the World weigh?

Almost ONE TONNE! To be precise - 940 kg (2,072 pounds). For comparison, this one bicycle weighs the same as 1 205 Canyon Ultimate CF SLX bicycles put together. Yes, you read that right, that wasn't a mistake. Let’s just say, that's a lot of Canyon bicycles.

Big bicycles need big tyres, right? 1,5 metres (5 feet) in diameter sounds just about right.

If thoughts of beating this record are whirling through your mind right now, let's learn a bit more from Frank about the process. Use a lot of heavy parts and save at least 4110 Eur (4600 USD) to build one. Frank built the bike using scrap metal for the body and two giant wheels from an agricultural muck spreader. Dose has been building his bike since March. No wonder the massive bicycle is so big it needs a truck to carry it.

Frank's monster bicycle looks like it's been ridden out of a Mad Max movie and is going to crash the Burning Man festival. It’s reportedly proved surprisingly easy to ride.

The previous Guinness World Record for the heaviest rideable bicycle was recently set by Belgian Jeff Peeters, weighing in at 860 kg (1896 pounds). Frank just beat Jeff by 80 kg (176 pounds). All it would take to snag the record would be for Frank to ride the bike for 460 meters (500 yards). He did it on September 11th and made it official. Congratulations to Frank Dose, the Heavy Bicycle in the World record is his!


“It’s a sensational bike,” says his wife, Astrid. We totally agree and will say this, not only has Frank stirred up noise in the small town of Schacht-Audorf, but in the world as well.

Awesome. It's just another example of dreams coming true. If you can imagine it, then you can make it happen.

It will take a lot to make a VELOSOCK® bike cover for Frank's bicycle, if Frank decides to keep it indoors. But we're sure we could do it. The the record for the "World's biggest bicycle cover" would be ours!

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