7 ideas for the perfect cycling date

7 ideas for the perfect cycling date

Heart-shaped pizzas, chocolate teddies, heaps of roses… The universal celebration of love really is just around the corner.

If you’ve always wanted to surprise your better half with something a little more out of the ordinary, why not incorporate your favorite activity - cycling?

Here are 7 exciting ideas that will bring the most out of this year’s Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day is perfect for reminiscing about the good ol’ times. Flipping through photos, watching home videos - that’s all nice enough.

But how about reliving those moments once again - real-time?

Make a list of the important spots you and your beloved hold dear and do a cycling tour:

  • That corner where you first met? Check.
  • First coffee shop visited together? Check.
  • First bike ride destination - romantically ruined by pouring rain? Double-check!

Taking a bike trip to your favorite places will breathe life into sweet memories.

Bear in mind - don’t overdo it. Studies suggest covering 32-80 km a day if you want to appreciate your surroundings, so plan your route in good balance.


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We’ve all seen it in movies. We’ve all secretly wished to try it. If not now, when?

It’s the perfect fit for two - tandem biking.

The key to riding a tandem bicycle is a bit like dancing. You have to find the rhythm, trust your partner, and learn to let go. All very romantic, isn’t it?

From a more practical side though, tandem biking is also safe, fast (because of the aerodynamics), and extremely convenient for couples of unequal riding ability.

So if you don’t mind turning a few heads – let’s be honest, tandem bikes will put a happy smile on anyone’s face - why not just go for it?


Whoever said that double-dating is only meant for restaurants or movies? Sharing is caring - so take your best couple of buds out for a romantic, YET active day and spend Valentine’s together two-on-two.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to plan a cycling tour for a group:

  • Choose your destination. Where do you want to ride? Will it be a city trip or a day in nature? Be considerate of everyone’s interests.
  • Prepare the bike. And this means making sure your riding partners do the same. It will not be an easy ride if you have to fix slipped bicycle chains every couple of minutes.
  • Research. Are your friends as enthusiastic about cycling as you are? Make sure everyone’s on the same page, or else it might mean cutting the trip short or parting ways (and when has that ever been a good idea on Valentine’s Day?).


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For those who want to bring creativity to the date, we recommend a little bit of drawing. No, this does not necessarily mean being the next Da Vinci.

Try drawing a cycling route in a funny or romantic shape.

It can also be the initials of you and your other half. A portrait even, if you’re daring. It might not look like Mona Lisa, but it will be fun to see how streets twist and turn to make a pretty picture.

A couple of apps that might come in handy for route-drawing are Map My Ride, Endomondo, or Strava. These will not only tell you which road to take, but also count calories, measure distance, and calculate average speed.


Have you ever noticed a group of biking enthusiasts mounting their rides proudly, wearing tweed and funky breeches? Tweed rides originated in London and now are being embraced all over the world.

How about organizing your own tweed Valentine’s ride for just the two of you?

Decorate the bicycle and put on some awesome throwback attire. Here are a couple of ideas how to dress the part. It might just be your most memorable AND stylish date yet.


Still sore from previous workouts? Perhaps your better half is feeling under the weather? These are only a couple of reasons why taking the bike might not be an option on Valentine’s.

Use moments like these wisely. Bring cycling indoors.

Don’t underestimate the power of a date night at home. Snuggling up on the couch with a good cycling movie and a cup of hot cocoa can be oh, so very tempting! And sometimes one must indulge.

Disclaimer: there is no actual biking involved, so take it lightly on marshmallow toppings and buttery popcorn.


You think you have seen it all. All routes have been tried, all cycling spots visited. Here’s an idea for those who really want to go all out for Valentine’s - visit Copenhagen!

Here’s why Copenhagen is the mecca for cyclers:

In a vibrant cycling city such as Copenhagen, bike rentals can be spotted nearly on every corner, so no need for extra baggage. Bike away!


The truth is - there’s no better day to show your love than today.

So try out an idea or two and see what adventures they bring.

For additional zing and pep, show some love not only to your special someone but to their bike, too. Keep it bicycle-themed with a colorful indoor bike cover that will be a cool addition to the interior and keep the house clean.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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