Practical & Stylish
THE Bicycle Covers

A perfect companion to an urban cyclist like you! Store and transport your bike like a PRO with original Velosock bicycle covers


PRO level travel experience

Travel with your bicycle in style while protecting it from elements like sand, dirt and water.

Keep it clean

Say Good-Bye to cleaning after your bicycle. No more tire marks or chain grease. Store or take your bicycle anywehere without making a mess!

Don't take our word for it

Since we all love our bikes, we want to protect them as good as possible. Velosock has the perfect design and it’s convenient to use!

Carine Pierson @carine.workout

Bike cover is great! Not only me, but also my girlfriend really appreciates the flat being cleaner now that I have Velosock bike cover. And it was fast delivery!

Keiran Docherty

The best solution! Velosock bike cover solved the problem of bringing all the dirt from my daily rides into the house. It also added to the interior design, which is awesome.


Wonderful invention! Bike cover fits so well in my small apartment and keeps it clean! Today for the first time for many years cycling in the rain I was not afraid to come dirty.

Sergey Bessonov

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