Indoor Bike Cover  -  Velocities USA
Indoor Bike Cover  -  Velocities USA
Indoor Bike Cover  -  Velocities USA
Indoor Bike Cover  -  Velocities USA
Indoor Bike Cover  -  Velocities USA

Indoor Bike Cover - Velocities USA

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Keep your bike indoors without making a mess!

    Take your bike with you anywhere you go.
    You can use indoor bike cover with wall bike racks.
    Fits 99% of all adult bicycles!
    Flexible fabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex.
    Machine washable. Durable colors.

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    An indoor bike cover that keeps your home clean

    Capturing dirt in its stretchy, machine-washable cover, VELOSOCK helps you keep outside dirt from making a mess of your floors.

    VELOSOCK also keeps your car’s interior clean while transporting your bike.

    Machine washable, durable colors

    When the cover gets dirty, simply throw it in the washing machine and wash it at 30 – 40° C (80 – 100° F) or less. We promise that colors won't fade - wash your cover after every flight, if you like!

    Take your bike with you anywhere you go

    Transport your bike conveniently in your car or public transport without producing any dirt or scratches. Your VELOSOCK will be ideal for placing in a car trunk or mounting on a car trunk rack. Be it work, gym, hotel, or any other place that requires covering your bike - we've got it!

    You can use it with wall bike racks

    Storing your ride on a bike rack? VELOSOCK leaves the top of the frame uncovered, so you can use it with your rack mounting. Besides, the stretchy fabric allows propping up your bike on a kickstand quick and seamlessly.

    Indoor bicycle cover fits 99% of adult bicycles

    No matter whether it's a mountain bike, a road bike, a city cruiser, BMX, a fixie or any other kind. No matter what size tires you have on your bike - VELOSOCK bicycle cover will fit them all thanks to its innovative design and flexible fabric.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Andrew Nestor

    Indoor Bike Cover - Velocities USA

    Edward Fronczek
    Invaluable product for hotel stays!

    We just returned from a cycling trip in the Adirondacks. My wife and I both used our indoor Velosocks on our road bikes for the first time. There was not a day going in or out of the hotel that someone didn’t compliment us on our Velosocks. The hotel staff thanked us on multiple occasions for using them. We kept our bikes in our room. They not only help keep your living scape clean, but they also make it much easier to carry your bike by keeping the front wheel from turning. Negotiating stairs and elevators was a lot easier. I highly recommend to any cyclist who stores their bike in their house or apartment or who does overnights in hotels their bike. Great product.