Full cover for Triathlon bike - Speed
Full cover for Triathlon bike - Speed
Full cover for Triathlon bike - Speed
Full cover for Triathlon bike - Speed
Full cover for Triathlon bike - Speed
Full cover for Triathlon bike - Speed
Full cover for Triathlon bike - Speed

Full cover for Triathlon bike - Speed

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Road bike

MTB bike

Triathlon bike

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Full coverage of your TRIATHLON bike - for indoor storage or transportation!

    Protects bike from dirt, sand and salt during transportation on a car trunk rack
    Securely store your ride in garage or apartment
    Full bike cover can be used with wall racks
    Fits 99% of TRIATHLON bicycles
    Flexible, washable and water repellent fabric
    FREE Pedal Covers included

    Speed limits and other traffic regulations must always be observed according to local laws.

    See more: Detailed information | Cover in action | User Manual

    Can be used for transportation

    Made of water-repellent fabric, with moderate abrasion resistance. Ideal for transporting your bike inside the car or on a car trunk rack.

    Cover can be used with car trunk racks (not rooftop racks), thanks to the zippers on the sides and bottom. Speed limits must be applied.

    Keeps your home clean

    Protects your home, office, and car from dirt and tire marks. Envelops 100% of your bike and protects it from indoor dust that can damage its moving parts, as well as from dirt, sand, and salt during short-distance transportation.

    Easy to put on

    Putting on the cover takes less than 30 seconds thanks to its stretchy fabric and a zipper that runs lengthwise along the top of the bike.

    Machine washable, durable colors

    When the cover gets dirty, simply throw it in the washing machine and wash it at 30 – 40° C (80 – 100° F) or less. We promise that colors won't fade - wash your cover after every flight, if you like!

    Protect your bike, car, and apartment from dirt and scratches!

    VELOSOCK full cover protects your bicycle from indoor dust that can damage it, as well as from dirt, sand, and salt during transportation.

    During indoor storage, cover can be used with horizontal wall racks

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Good product but not ideal for my car

    I had a race recently that I was driving about 1400 miles to and wanted to get a cover for my bike for the drive. This is the one I wanted (badly). In fact, I ordered it twice but the first time it was out of stock and Amazon cancelled the order after it had gone unfilled for 30 days. I did get the cover a few days before my departure and I was really happy about it. My bike fit into it perfectly (Felt DA-TT 54 size frame) and the whole thing fit onto my bike rack as expected (it's a 1up single rack on my 2016 Honda HR-V). After about 500 miles into the drive I realized that what I bought was a giant parachute for my car. The bike is just about the width of the car but the back slopes down ever so gently so that all the wind coming off the car was catching the cover. At 70-80MPH it had pushed the bike backward in the bike rack even though it was really tight on the tires and there was no getting away from that. I ended up taking the cover off for the rest of the drive and the return trip home.
    I think this is a great cover and I would love to be able to use it. It works with my bike rack (wheels down with the clamps on top of the tires) but it doesn't work well with my car. If you have a van or a larger car that provides a good draft for the bike so that it doesn't catch a lot of wind, I'd recommend this hands down. However, if your bike sticks out at all from the back of your car you're buying a parachute and your bike rack better be on really well and the bike better be really secured to it. I'm unlikely to continue using this for long trip, if at all because of how it works with my car.


    I have not used it yet. I am thrilled it is so nice looking and made of good material. Looking forward to using it with my next triathlon.