Best gift ideas for a cyclist

Best gift ideas for a cyclist

Just like any other sport or hobby, cycling is something that can be addictive in a very good way. It takes control over a person's mind, and you know a cyclist when you see one - has way too many cycling outfits, is buying bike parts regularly, or is constantly dreaming about a new bike, or all three of them.

Well, let’s say you know one (or you are one too), and you are looking for the perfect Christmas or upcoming Birthday gift. Say no more, because we have prepared a list of great gift ideas for a cyclist!

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     1. Velosock bike cover

Velosock indoor bike cover might be something an urban cyclist appreciates the most, as it’s a great solution for bicycle storage indoors (inside the apartment, office or a hotel) as well as it will protect your car from dirt, if he/she transports the bike inside the car trunk. There are many awesome designs available to choose from! 



Price: 41.99 USD (NOW)


     2. Cycling headphones

Have you heard about these ingeniously designed wireless cycling headphones that allow you to safely ride while enjoying music? Presenting you AfterShokz Conduction headphones.

They don’t get into the ear canal but sit outside it, so you can still talk to people and hear cars and stay safe while cycling. And because they use bone-conduction technology, which delivers sound through vibrations against your skull, only the wearer can hear what’s being played.

You don’t notice them, and they never make you sweat, unlike earphones. The headphones also work just as well for listening to real-time directions from Google Maps.

Price 80 - 135 USD


     3.Clip-on speaker

If the cyclist in your life likes to pedal alongside friends, they’ll appreciate how easily this JBL Cip-in Bluetooth speaker can clip on to various parts of their bike to play a soundtrack for group rides. Its battery lasts for more hours than anyone can ride in a single day, which is a great assurance!

Price : 55 - 65 USD


     4.Blackburn Frame Bag

For the cyclist who wants even more on-bike storage, cycling coach Robert Evans says this frame bag would make for a very functional gift because its design allows it to neatly slot into the empty space in the center of a bike frame. “If you don’t use or don’t have water-bottle mounts, this holds water, tools, and food and is perfect for long days in the saddle,” he assures.

Price: 120 - 130 USD


     5.Ottolock Steel and Kevlar Combination Bike Lock

This colorful, simple bike lock would make a good gift for any cyclist. You don’t need to worry about losing the key, as it uses a combination lock. And they’re surprisingly durable locks considering how lightweight they are.

Price: 40 - 45 USD


     6. Park Tool 451 Bicycle Storage Hook

A small, but very useful gift (can be combined with our bike covers for bicycle indoor storage). These exceptionally affordable hooks were the most recommended bike-storage solution among the experts when asked about the best bike mounts to use at home. Designed to hold a bike by its wheels, you can use just one hook to store it vertically, or two to store it horizontally.

Price: 5 - 8 USD


     7POC VPD AIR LEGS Knee pads

The VPD Air legs comfort pads have been pre shaped to offer enhanced flexibility and freedom of movement and the silicon strips at the top and bottom of the pads ensure a precise and secure fit even through rough riding conditions. The pads are lightweight and thanks to the perforated fabric designed to increase airflow the legs offer optimized ventilation and moisture control. Ideal for long days on the bike or when you want some padding but without any penalty. They don’t bake you  in the summer months, but the extra layer adds a comfortable wall against windchill on fall-season rides

Price: 90 USD


     8. Ostroy F This Let’s Ride Socks

For an office worker in the day time, but a passionate cyclist after work. Socks that show some personality and humour. They are not only a ‘’statement’’ piece of cloth, but are also very breathable, comfortable and give a good support to your feet.

‘’Perfect under your dockers all day at work where you can knowingly flash them to coworkers.  Then slip into a phone booth and change into your kit and cleats to get your real work in on the bike.’’ says the manufacturer!

Price: 18 USD

We hope these gift ideas did give you some inspiration, as well as allowed you to explore some new cycling items!


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